Confessions of an Effects Newb X: Evolution of the Demo

In the two and a half years since I wrote my first installment of Confessions of an Effects Newb, I’ve learned a lot about effects. I’ve also learned a lot more about the builders; the guys that are spending all of their time soldering and painting, to get you something that will hopefully inspire you to make a lot of sounds with it. Some may be new, some may be familiar, but the fact is that you’re PLAYING. You’re making something new and fueling that creative fire, which is what many of them want.

I’ve also learned that many of these smaller builders rely upon word of mouth marketing and effect pedal demos. And while I agree that you can’t beat unsolicited praise, I think we can step up the quality of the effect pedal demo. I’ve done a number of them at this point, some by my own volition and some by request (all of the demos I’ve done of Rocktron fall under this) and I’ve tried to improve upon each preceding one. I’ve asked peers, builders and companies what they want to see and have tried to incorporate those ideas into the demos that I create.

Lately, with the help of Camtasia by TechSmith, I think I’ve elevated the effect pedal demo to something that’s extremely engaging and informative. Special thanks to the patience and expertise of TSC wizards Jason Valade, Jess Knott and Matt Pierce for critiquing the previous demos and offering invaluable advice from complete outsiders. The results are what you see below.

I hope you can see what I’ve tried to incorporate into these. I’ve also been working on some completely interactive demos, where you can click on hotlinks while the demo is playing to access the builder’s site, PDF instructions or even to download a “recipe card” which highlights all of the settings used in the demo.

You wanted a better effect pedal demo. I am working to get it to you.

TO ALL EFFECT PEDAL BUILDERS: I like doing these demos, I really do. I also know that there is a gross lack of effect pedal demos from the bass player’s point of view. If you like what I’m doing, I’d love to hear from you. More importantly, I would LOVE to help you get some professional demos of your pedals out to the masses to help you get your gear into someone’s hands.

What I Provide: Provide you with two (that’s right) video demos to properly show the range of the pedal(s) being showcased. This can be either fretted/fretless, fingerstyle/picked attack, or whatever YOU WOULD LIKE to best highlight your creation(s).

If there’s something specific you’d really like to focus on a video, please let me know and we’ll make it happen. If you’d like three video demos, let’s do it. Bottom line is that I am offering my services and skills to help you.

What I Request: You knew there had to be a catch, right? The only compensation I request is that 1. I get credit and a link to this website with the videos, and 2. I get to keep the pedal that I demo. If it’s a blem model, I’m cool with that. Those are the only things I’m requesting, and I think for the work I’m putting into these demos, that’s pretty fair.

How to Move Forward: Easy. Please use the form on this site to contact me. I am quick to return emails and, let me state this again, would love to hear from you.

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