ProTone Pedals Buzzard Overdrive

First off, if you haven’t gotten ahold of Dennis at ProTone Pedals when he’s doing a round of his neon enclosures, you need to jump on it. They are CRAZY! So it was a no-brainer to make the Buzzard Overdrive that I was ordering a neon color.

Simply put, this is a great little overdrive. As with all of Dennis’ offerings that I have, the pedals work WITH your tone and don’t sit on top of it. I am really enjoying the more “subtle” settings that this pedal has; I’m planning on using it for an upcoming run of “The Rocky Horror Show” as an always-on type of sound. Even at heavier sounds, the Buzzard still retains your instrument’s character. But with any demo, let’s let the pedal speak for itself.

Please let me know what you think as I’m using a lot of new ideas with this demo. Most importantly, I’m taking advantage of the interactive features that Camtasia for Mac allows, when uploaded onto their host site. Give it a look!

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