It's nice to hear so many different characters come from one bass, with such clarity and tone. It's so beautiful, and your technique is amazing

Jennifer Jo Oberle, Freelance Bassist

Don’t let the signature bow tie and Buddy Holly glasses fool you.... under this Clark Kent-like exterior lies a rock n roll heart!  In a world full of show-off, technique for technique sake solo bass records, it’s refreshing to hear someone firmly grounded in the groove, ear tuned into the melody and technique used to serve the music, rather than the other way around.  Great tone and taste!  Well done, JM!

Mark Damon, The Pretty Reckless

His versatility to shift between classical, rock, blues, funk and everything in between is what sets Jon Moody apart from other musicians. He is a master at sight-reading, technique and improvisation on both the upright and electric bass. As a musical director, I seek out Jon first when I contract an orchestra.

Courtney Phelps, Musical Director

His competency as a musician is evident via his extreme consistency, both in sight reading and in playing. As a conductor, I appreciate Jon’s attention to detail and style in navigating through difficult musical theatre scores. You can always count on Jon to deliver a good, solid performance!

Aaron Cassette, Musical Director